What is it, in you, that wants to move?

Life is movement. Everything in and of life is moving. Most of the movements we are not aware of, neither outside of us nor inside ourselves. 

Movement of the body therefore is a medium I use in my work to help you become more aware and available and operate less on automatic pilot, to help you draw connections that extend to other things happening in your life.

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Fighting Monkey Practice

Through principles of FM Practice we will develop closely together an individual movement practice that fits your personal vision, purpose and needs

I will individually guide you in tailoring a practice that will help you improve your posture, structure and physical qualities as much as they inter-relate with your thinking, emotional life and behavioural patterns - your "psychophysical" health.

You will be introduced to a diversity of practices and training environments that will educate you on how to have a meet-up with yourself, improve the interconnection of your whole body, foster your creativity, rehabilitate past injuries and communicate better with others.

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Vegetative Training

VGT is a body-oriented method that works from the foundation that experiences are saved in the body and our physiology therefore develops adaptively. The method teaches you how to listen very deeply to your body and through listening better to yourself how your body can self-regulate, heal itself. 

Through breathing practice and movements VGT works on old experiences that are saved in your body as unsolved conflicts - often excessively held tension or breathing limitations - that limit the opportunities you perceive for yourself in life, disturb coordination and performance capacity.

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Every season a weekend is organised where we practice stillness and movement.

Through different situations and creative tasks we research observation, sitting, walking, standing, we coordinate our body, draw, work with abstract objects.

By sharing our experiences we become katalysts for each other's progress.