Movement of the body is a medium and metaphor I use in coaching to help you make connections that extend to other things happening in your life.

Skills will be developed, and above all we will focus on developing qualities that widen your perception and curiosity in life. Things we often lose as we grow older (and narrower). A great master once said it like this: "become a kid again." 

Together we focus on developing a personal practice of physical activity and stillness built around your goals and challenges.

The bigger aim is towards improving the quality of your life and what is in your way of doing what you want to do, always with the idea of healthy and meaningful ageing in mind.


How I work

We will train and work deeply together to develop a movement practice that fits your personal vision, aims and needs

I will individually guide you in tailoring a practice that will help you improve your posture, structure and physical qualities as much as they the inter-relate with your thinking, emotional life and behavioural patterns - your "psychophysical" health with a nice word.

We will investigate your ageing process and how a movement practice can serve you as a frequent immunity check, increase chances of long-term health and help you excel in whatever you like. This is foremost the goal beyond anything else: 

what do we lose as we age and how can we reverse this process and improve the quality of your life?

What we will do

You will be introduced to a diversity of practices and training environments, such as:

  • Full-body rhythmical coordination for overal joint health and psychophysiological re-boot
  • Movement and brain games that test behavioural flexibility 
  • Complex coordination practice to expand motion and extension of limbs beyond current body maps, improve circulation and openness to new learning
  • Creative exploration with abstract objects: how can you express your self if the tools you train with always come with a manual?
  • Zero situations as frequent observational stillness meetups with yourself to check how you are in: sitting, standing postures and walking
  • Rehab of injury prone regions in current society: feet, lower back, hip, shoulders

The average duration of sessions is 75 minutes to 2 hours remembering that the goal is to design a practice that connects with your life, not taking away or retreating from it.

Sessions take place at parks, Elite Athletes Training Facility, EA Stillness Room or a space of your choice.

Current clients finding benefit in the sessions range from high-demand business people, creatives, athletes, performers, highly sensitive (/aware), and movers.

Mail me at or call +32474244941 to work together.

The content I teach is largely based on my study and collaboration as instructor with Fighting Monkey Practice, a cross-disciplinary platform (dance, sports, theatre, special forces, mental coaching, communication) that brings a highly innovative approach to movement practice.

If online coaching through the Fighting Monkey platform is what you are looking for, this is now possible just mail me and I will send you the necessary information to sign up with me as your online instructor.