On this page you will find how you can work with me.

You can contact me through oliviergoetgeluck@gmail.com to get in touch.

1. Individual sessions

Individual sessions are the most personal way of working with me. These sessions can be understood as a moving communication or a communication through movement. Through the different teachings I have received we will create a process that will unroll itself along the way.  Individual sessions take on average 90 minutes to 2 hours, and can be adapted to your schedule and aims.

2. Vegetative Training (VGT)

One of my clients describes it as “allowing.” Through the method of VGT I will guide you, at your own pace, to get deeply in touch with the self-regulating capacity of your body. Through simple movements and breathing practices you will understand how at all times your whole organism is trying to communicate something and return to a deeper sensation of balance. Read more here.

3. Fighting Monkey (FM) Online Coaching

Fighting Monkey online coaching is purely online and is aimed towards the individual who wants to dive deep in their journey of movement practice through the form of 10 individual lessons through Skype and e-mail follow. The training is organised through FM for which I am an instructor. The training includes that: 

  • videos, tests and literature you will study and work on.

  • reviews of what you have worked on through mail and bi-monthly to weekly Skype

  • organising and re-ordering training and lessons depending on your needs

  • questionaries, tasks to complete and studies.

4. Reheat weekend

Click here to subscribe for the upcoming Reheat on 16-18 November.

Reheat events are days or weekends I organise where we meet in a group of 10 to 20 people to explore physical and observational practices, often with a guest teacher who is a personal friend of mine whom I feel has interesting ideas for the group. We do not meet to become skilled at something, we are meeting to explore, to do a collaborative research together through movement, reflection, communication and observation. We do not retreat from life, we just agree on it that life can miss us for some days to allow us to meet and explore what and who we are becoming in ourselves and in relation to others. We "re-heat", in order to really be there when we return.

5. Workshops or teaching on location

Workshop can be booked on any topic(s) you feel are of interest to you or for your group, club, or institution. 



1. Individual sessions: €90 per hour or €360 for 5 hours upfront

2. Fighting Monkey Online Coaching: mail me to know how the full process works

3. Vegetative Training: €90 for single, €216 for 3 sessions, €45 for kids (7-18 years)

4. Reheat weekend: €450 and €300 for members of EA training facility

5. Workshops or teaching on location: on demand.


Mail: oliviergoetgeluck@gmail.com

Phone (between 8AM-6PM on weekdays): +32474/244.941

What I do & influences


At 21 years of age, after deciding to withhold my education in economics and entrepreneurship, I co-founded Elite Athletes with my childhood friend Joerik, a business that is in continual evolvement and still serves as the mothership of what I am doing. We initiated our path together organising basketball camps for kids and young professionals as we felt kids could be given more than what the current market offered. Then we went into the industry of training facilities as the fitness market seemed too distant, too narrow. Now we are putting our forces mainly on our youth basketball academy where we aim to give our kids an education that is "more than basketball" focusing on wholesome development as athletes and human beings.

From working daily with kids to athletes and the general public, I started to look for a deeper perspective on what psychophysical health is and what human development potentially can be and since 2015 became a close student of Fighting Monkey Practice and Research under the guidance of Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea. There is no certificate in FM which I am thankful for, but Jozef and Linda allow me to name myself FM Instructor.

In the last years I proceeded to learn from Inge-Jarl Clausen, a form of therapeutic work called Vegetative Training which is build upon 70 years of evolution of the research on body-psyche interwovenness by Wilhelm Reich. 

I have been fortunate to meet many more interesting beings who have served me as teachers, some of them on purpose through their profession and many more without them or me realising it fully. 

All these experiences and teachings have influenced the way and manner in which I teach or guide, therefore I constantly aim to contradict myself and my beliefs by learning from a variety of (re)sources.