VGT logo: crocodile lurking in duckweed water, hidden wild energies waiting to emerge.

What is "Vegetative" Training?

"Vegetative" refers to the vegetative system or the inner pillars of our adaptive ability: our hormone balance, immune system, and autonomous nervous system. Training in VGT means that we train to expand the performance characteristics of the organism from the inside-out without manual intervention of the therapist.

Over the years, inside the body ‘muscular armour' has been formed: resistance structures or zones where tension is held because of past experiences. In Vegetative Training the knowledge of our instinctive body language has been systematised over a period of 70 years: from the tone of voice, skin, eyes, mimicry, postures, body fat distribution to the movement when you are breathing.

You can compare the process of armouring in the human body it to sand in a machine. When these structures are loosened, motion flows and becomes easier and you use less energy.

Benefits of VGT

Image from Emotional Anatomy, Stanley Keleman.

Image from Emotional Anatomy, Stanley Keleman.

  • Deep relaxation and recovery of the body

  • Healing of old injuries

  • Endurance improvement through better breathing and lung capacity

  • Better motorics and coordination through lowered tension

  • Inner power, mental focus and behavioural flexibility

  • Release of suppressed aggression and often lower back tension and pain

  • Rejuvenation of the body, becoming younger again, from the inside-out

  • Self-regulation extending to organisation of your life

  • Learn deeply to 'listen to your body'

Who is it for

  • If you are experiencing low energy, loss of enthusiasm for life, burned out

  • Athletes looking for the edge

  • Very beneficial for kids age 10 to 15 to ease into puberty

  • Everyone who feels they have a higher potential

I am an approved practitioner and in continuous tutelage of Inge-Jarl Clausen, therapist and founder of the method working from in Bayern, Germany. Click here for more information about the science behind the method.

On Adaptive Physiology

As a human organism, just like everything else in nature, you have an inherent self-regulating or self-healing capacity.

Vegetative Training (VGT) aims to expand this capacity and your potential as a human by looking back at how the experiences you have had in your life shaped us physical, thinking and emotional patterns.

The method starts from the theory that experiences are stored in the body. Some of our experiences stay with us as unresolved conflicts acting as protection mechanisms or 'body armour' which are growth-limiting.

Image from Emotional Anatomy, Stanley Keleman.

Image from Emotional Anatomy, Stanley Keleman.

Through the methods behind VGT you enable yourself to transform these experiences, limitations and injuries that are often saved in your body as disturbances. 

It is a powerful way to bring your homeostasis (our internal balance, a performance and wellbeing characteristic) in motion to support a deep transformation. 

VGT is not mental training nor physiotherapy. There will be no touch used and very little talking. We start the session with a maximal expansive breathing and movement techniques that 're-boots' you and expands you from deep within.

From the first session of you start to lift yourself to a higher level of functionality after starting to re-find your internal capacity to self-heal: you learn again to listen deeply to your body and work with the signals you receive.

You will get in close touch again with the biological spontaneous movements that want to be expressed in order to be freed from the chronic tension of carrying and suppressing them.



"I feel like I've been bathing in my own breath. But I'm not doing it - I'm being bathed. Of all the therapies/healing modalities I've worked with, this process has had the most immediate and effective results in the quality of my daily life. I'm grateful to have found it and you." - A.

“It as a great gift and one that can be enhanced and be with me as long as walk this earth. I like that it is not Olivier who tells my what to do. Yes he instruct, but the movements come from within and with it freedom. It is hard to explain in words. It is something that one must experience in one's own body.” - Thomas Pretsch, physiotherapist (full testimonial)

"I'm an elite runner so with two daily run sessions + strength my body is really important to me, and with a bad knee I couldn't perform, and train, the way I had to do.  For those couple of months I tried EVERYTHING in order to fix it, but it didn't really help....but then I had a session with Olivier and that changed everything for me and my perspective on the body." - Mads Valentin Taersbol, Elite runner (full testimonial)

"Just did a session as you have taught me. I planned 25 minutes. The time flew by but about half way through the session my body started doing every possible movement to loosen the tension in my spine. Amazing! Literally I was twisting and turning on the floor. My breathing evolved from initially maximally in and out to almost an exhausted state to loosely flowing and calm. Afterwards my body turned around on my belly and my lungs started expanding towards my back to again regulate tension in my spine. This is good stuff! I totally did not expect my body could do this!" - Tom Verrept, student of physiotherapy

"The VGT taught me how to slow my life down on and off of the court and this gave me the ability to make smarter and more conscious decisions throughout my day and throughout the game. The moment I stopped trying to control everything was when I finally had the breakthrough in my game." - Codi Miller, professional basketball player (read more)