Welcome to my web page for individual sessions.
I could write in many words what it is I do and what kind of results you can expect but then I would be describing my own tainted experiences.

Instead I will write some questions:
Do you frequently get trapped in the same internal talk?
Do you often swing into certain moods?
Are you suffering from chronic tensions in your body?

See those words in italics?
The work is aimed on those.

to return from being out of habit to being,
to expand experience and expression of life,
to open what closed down…
physically, cognitively, emotionally.

The practice I share consists* of:

  • Physical training and movement situations

  • Lying down body-work without touch

  • Observational/stillness exercises

  • Recommended resources

On the bottom of the page you can read more about the background of these practices and my teachers.

What clients have shared

“In his utterly honest and quiet way Olivier has made observations about me which have almost startled me in their clarity and insight and which have been gateways to learning and growth.”
- Mark Steinberg, professional musician

“I like that it is not Olivier who tells my what to do. Yes he instruct, but the movements come from within and with it freedom.”
- Thomas Pretsch, physiotherapist

“I can recommend Olivier - He's a great guide/instructor, and you will really feel how passionate he is about helping people, and that's admirable.“
- Mads Valentin, elite runner 

“A journey of self-discovery. ”
- Simon Schmid, manager

“I am confident and certain that I will continue to implement your teachings as I move forward in my life.”
- Simmy Tan, proud mom and graphic artist 

“I recommend anyone who wants to elevate their game no matter the sport or someone who wants to enhance their life experience to work with Olivier Goetgeluck. He is an extremely kind, nonjudgmental and charismatic teacher.”
- Codi Miller, professional basketball player

“Movement as a means, not a goal.”
- Jan Adins, entrepreneurial coach

"I feel like I've been bathing in my own breath. But I'm not doing it - I'm being bathed."
- Ananda Tinio, yoga teacher

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*Background of Practices

Physical training and practices that will help you to improve your posture, interconnect your whole body driven from a simple question “what kind of games do you play to stay young?”. This training is based on Fighting Monkey Practice where I am an instructor under the guidance of Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea.

Lying down body-work without touch where I hold a safe space for you as you move and allow movement coming from a quality of attending to your experience of your body. This work centers around remembering and developing more trust in what your body already knows. This guidance is based on a body-work modality privately taught to me by Inge-Jarl Clausen, a healer and therapist working from Kiefersfelden, Germany.

Observational practices and exercises that you can practice throughout your day, at specific times or situations to get a better grasp of your conditioned beliefs, attention-focuses and physical responses to life’s problems, challenges and opportunities.

Recommended materials such as texts, books and films in relation to the practice subjects and your particular questions and interests.

Picture by Mike Rafail

Picture by Mike Rafail