The Process

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“The Process” is the most complete individual guidance I offer. You can imagine it as walking next to each other for a while before returning again to our own paths.

The trajectory of this way of working together consists of an initial intake conversation followed by 10 sessions in a period of one to three months tailored to your needs and the changes and realisations happening during the process.

Step 1 Intake conversation “getting to know your landscape”

During our intake talk I get to know your landscape a bit better and you will learn about the intricacies of my work. We talk about challenges, things you want to work on and the aims you have for yourself.

The price of the intake conversation is €30 for 30-45 minutes and can take place on either Skype or somewhere in Antwerp.

If you want a quick 5 minute chat on the phone or Skype? That is free. Just fill in the form below and I’ll get in touch.

Step 2 Opening the body for more movement through “Vegetative (Nervous System) Training (VGT)”

VGT is a method that works on your most deep-rooted imprints and conditioning through the body, not the mind.

The sessions through VGT function as a screening and learning moment where you could allow more movement and relaxation in your breathing and body.

Through simple tests and small movements in a lying down position I will guide you, at your own pace, to get in deeper connection with the self-healing abilities of your body. Through motion and breathing practices you will learn to understand and appreciate how at all times your whole organism is trying to free itself from tension and return to a deeper sensation of balance.

One of my clients describes it as “learning to allow.” You can read more here but the best would be to experience it in your own body.

Step 3 Movement, Stillness and Creative Exploration

In the next step we will focus on moving our body. Sessions will take place mostly outside, when possible and together we will investigate the potential of moving our body as a frequent individual meeting with yourself or others. I will guide you to develop a sustainable personal practice with material that you will be able to keep working with independently.

What you can expect:

  • You will practice very basic energising movements to open up all joints of the body that you can keep on practicing everyday of your life.

  • You will explore the power of expansive postures and motion of your limbs on your sensation of well-being.

  • You will discover the endlessly internally and externally observable in stillness or “Zero” practice

  • You will play using abstract tools and a variety of movement games

In short, you will experience how movement of your body in a variety of ways is a gate to endless creative exploration and more curiosity and enthusiasm for life.

Step 4 Reheat events or group sessions (optional)

As a fourth step you are always welcome to “reheat” the principles at the frequent Reheat weekends or days I organise or group movement sessions. In this way you will have a chance to “test” yourself with others.


In total we will have ten sessions together. After the initial three VGT sessions, we will decide together how the process unfolds further. Some of my clients choose to stay with this method a little longer, others want to start moving. It is your process so this will be individual.

The price of “The Process” including the initial intake conversation is €720.

For those living in Belgium, the initial VGT sessions will be held in my personal practice at Elite Athletes Training Facility (Griffinstraat 11, Merksem). Movement sessions will be held in a park either in the center of Antwerp or Merksem.

For those living outside of the Belgium area, it is possible to organise the whole “Process” through online communication (Skype, e-mail, video, etc.)

If you are interested in starting “The Process” please get in touch with me through the form below and I will contact you shortly.

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