Learning to access the courage to allow myself to be more authentic, Mark S.

Olivier Goetgeluck has been an inspiring mentor for me. Having read about Vegetative Training I was curious and very much wanting to experience it, to learn how the wisdom of my body could help me to find more freedom, ease and open expression.

I was at first a bit skeptical about learning a practice that seemed so intimate and subtle over Skype from someone an ocean away. But the moment I met Olivier I felt he was someone I could trust implicitly, and in our ongoing sessions together I have sensed this again and again.

The sessions have been revelatory and I feel echoes of what we do more and more in my daily life. I won’t soon forget the surprising feeling of openness and ease I felt walking around and having personal interactions just after our very first online meeting.

I am learning from Olivier to access the courage to allow myself to be more authentic, to find a healthy and dynamic balance of openness and strength. In his utterly honest and quiet way Olivier has made observations about me which have almost startled me in their clarity and insight and which have been gateways to learning and growth. As we’ve continued to have sessions together our work has been branching out to include more ways of exploring the body, mind, emotions and attention.

I feel utterly safe being honest and vulnerable working with Olivier and find him to be a true beacon of wisdom and support. I feel that I can express anything to him and he will be understanding and direct in addressing my concerns. It’s galvanizing, as well, to witness someone so authentically involved with exploring his own development with focus and humility. 

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be guided by Olivier. It’s a rare privilege to have someone whom you trust and admire help you explore your potential, and for him to do so with such care, dedication and insight.
- Mark S., professional musician