Coming To Our Senses Reheat

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Every season a weekend is organised where we practice stillness and movement.

Through different situations and creative tasks we research observation, sitting, walking, standing, we coordinate our body, draw, work with abstract objects.

By sharing our experiences we become katalysts for each other's progress. 


Dates upcoming weekend:
Friday evening December 8 - Sunday evening December 10

Location: Bois-Le-Comte


Content of the weekend:

  • Movement

We start with a morning practice of Form Of Father, 8,000 year old form of rhythmically opening the '9 circles' in the body and observing our psychophysiological state before we start the day.

Further during the weekend we will work on movement situations alone and in collaboration with others and creative tasks testing our behavioural flexibility and discovering through uncritical self-observation how we cope with different contexts and stressors.


  • Stillness

How do you clean your psyche? How do you know how you are?

Through zero moments we create the conditions to have a meeting with ourselves.

We practice being available both internally and externally. We do not meditate, our eyes are open to the world - without losing sight of our internal architecture. 

We re-visit the most basic human patterns of walking, sitting and standing because we have to admit that we have lost them.

By returning frequently to the basics can we create the conditions to sense how we are in ourselves, in relation to others and the world.

We go back to zero to make the invisible visible for ourselves and the visible a little less visible by opening our eyes to see things fresh again, less painted by the experiences we carry.


  • "You Are Responsible"

Using movement as a tool to make connections with other domains I met entrepreneurial coach and author Jan Adins who immediately made the link of our sessions with the challenges of entrepreneurship he faces in his coaching practice. 

Jan and me training together at Fighting Monkey Intensive in Slowakia

Jan and me training together at Fighting Monkey Intensive in Slowakia

During the weekend Jan will present the ideas of his book 'You Are Responsible' ('U Bent Verantwoordelijk' in Dutch) through a lecture and introspection-task:

"You take responsibility of your identity by getting to know and accept yourself. After acceptance an interesting process emerges, a continuous stream. This introspection results in self-conscious action."



  • You will receive 3 meals a day prepare with ingredients of the permaculture farm that is part of Bois-Le-Comte
  • Use of phones and other technology is not recommended so you can sense and observe yourself when around limited artificial sensory input 


  • €350 for a shared room with 3-4 people / €250 for members of EA Facility
  • Additional cost for room with 2: €18 per person; soloroom €27
  • Additional cost to receive invoice: €15
  • Vegetative Training session during the weekend: €60

To register, e-mail

Refund policy:
50% refund 1-2 months before, no refund >1 month before the event.



Olivier Goetgeluck (Fighting Monkey instructor, Vegetative Training practitioner)
Mairtin McNamara (martial artist, embodiment work)
Jan Adins (entrepreneurial coach, author)