Pricing & Services


The Process

€900/10hrs — “The Process” is the most complete 1-on-1 guidance I offer. The trajectory of this way of working together consists of an initial intake conversation followed by 10 hours together spread in a period of one to three months. Sessions are tailored to your aims, needs and observations. You will explore physical practices and training, body work, observational exercises and recommended resources in relation to the subjects we discuss and your personal questions and interests.

Vegetative Training

€125/hr; €500/5hrs — One of my clients describes the sessions as “allowing.” Through the method of VGT I will guide you, at your own pace, to deeply experience your own body and its self-healing capacity it carries. Through simple movements and breathing practices you will understand how at all times your whole being is trying to communicate something and give intuitive direction.

Fighting Monkey Practice Coaching

€125/hr ;€500/5hrs — 1-on-1 FM practice will help you to improve your posture, interconnect your whole body to a remarkable degree, and awaken a sense of aliveness and playfulness in your body and bodily expression through myriad movement situations.

Fighting Monkey Online Coaching

Organised through FM — FM Online Coaching is done purely online and is aimed towards the individual who wants to dive deep in their journey of movement practice through the form of 10 individual lessons through Skype and e-mail follow-up. The training is organised through FM, go to the FM website for more info.

Workshops and Teaching on Location

On demand — Workshops can be booked on any topic(s) you feel are of interest to you or for your group, business, or institute.