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Movement of the body in its widest sense is a means and metaphor I use in my work to help you draw connections that extend to other things happening in your life. 

Whether it is through the movement practices of Fighting Monkey or the deep self-exploration and self-regulation of Vegetative Training, the modalities I guide you with are aimed at developing skills and qualities that widen your perception, possibilities and curiosity in life.

There are multiple ways of working together individually or in groups. Here is a quick oversight to quickly learn what is the best option for you.


Individual sessions are always possible for those who want to try a one-off session, a Skype consultation or just a couple of sessions. The first session always takes a bit longer as we get to know each other and goes for 60-75 minutes. Standard sessions take around 1 hour. 

First session: €90


I have created a couple of packages for those who would like some more structure and guidance in their path of improving awareness of and listening their body, allowing their intuition to move them and developing movement qualities. 

The first package is aimed towards those at the beginning of their path and will learn you to deeply connect with your body, help you to resolve old conflicts that are stored as chronic tension in the body and set you up towards more movement freedom. 

The subsequent packages are a mix of the first combined with more movement practice that will develop more ways to play and explore this your freedom in physicality and self-expression. 



In this package we will solely work together through body work. You will learn to listen deeply to your breathing, the sensations in your body and will learn to allow at your own pace to let your body move spontaneously towards a state of deeper well-being, relaxation and widened perspective.

This session is aimed at those who are in high stress, and in need of immediate concentrated attention to deep recover and unlayer a lot of internal conflicts in a short time frame. It is a very powerful way to learn and set in motion the self-healing potential of your own body.

The sessions can be used all in one week or spread over multiple weeks and need to be used up within a time-frame of 3 months.

This package in includes 3 body work sessions

Price: €216

All sessions need to be taken up within 3 months.

E-mail to book a session or a 'discovery' call.



In this package we will work both on body work and movement practice.

Through the body work sessions, the body's self-regulation capacity is set in motion, which basically means... the body will crave more movement! Depending on how you respond to the sessions I will tailor to you movement sessions that will let you use this increased amount of energy of physical craving. 

To give an example: we could combine body work with tribal-dance-like coordination practice, learning to move your body with your breathing, playful movement games that forser creativity, and more.

This package includes 5 sessions that could be spread between body work sessions and movement sessions.

Price: €360

All sessions need to be taken up within 3 months.

E-mail to book a session or a 'discovery' call.


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In the movement practice package we will move, move, move. This is a package for those who are a little bit further on their path and feel confident to get their body moving in a myriad of ways. Each session will be a little different, seeking for new ways to explore the capacities of your limbs, challenging your old habitual movement patterns, linking physicality with feeling and thinking, and opening yourself up to move towards your full self-expressive potential.

This package includes 6 hours of movement practice sessions. Sessions can take 1 hour, some 2 hours, depending on how the day and energy feels for you. 

Price: €450

All sessions need to be taken up within 4 months.

E-mail to book a session or a 'discovery' call.



Are you a teacher looking to widen your toolbox and interested in my method of working? Feel free to contact me to set up an educational path with lessons based on where you want to go. 

This package will include 3 meetings or more depending on your involvement.

Price: €450, €150 for each subsequent separate lesson.

E-mail to book a session or a 'discovery' call.



This type of coaching is purely online and is aimed towards the individual who wants to dive deep in their journey of movement practice through the form of 10 individual lessons through Skype and e-mail follow. The training is organised through Fighting Monkey for which I am an instructor.

"Sometimes it surprises me that I make new and new and new observations almost every day. On the other hand, I'm asking myself why I didn't make a particular the day before?" - Simon Schmid,

The training includes that: 

  • You will be receiving videos, tests and literature that you will study and work on.
  • Each time you complete a task you will send it over and I will review it and then work with you on Skype
  • After seeing each step of the progress we will be re-structuring the training and lessons depending on your needs
  • You will be receiving questionaries, tasks to complete and studies.

E-mail to learn more about Fighting Monkey online coaching.



Would you like to explore movement in a group? Almost every week there are one or more sessions you can join.

On most weeks, unless I'm abroad for work, there is an evening session on Wednesday and Thursday at the EA Facility (Griffinstraat 11, 2170 Merksem). On Sunday we train in silence in the park at 10AM. 

Further I organise an event every season called Reheat where we heat the principles of movement and self-exploration in a group setting. Read about the next event here.

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“Concentrating the energy, making it supple, can you be like an infant?”
— Lao-tzu