Self-understanding through physical practice.


Do you want to have a pain-free body, become able to regulate your mood and in the process understand yourself a bit better? Tensions in our body and vicious loops of internal dialogue often stand in the way of our experience of life. What if I told you that there are methods that could help you resolve these problems.


Physical Training & Games

Physical training is based on Fighting Monkey Practice. This practice will help you to improve your posture, interconnect your whole body to a remarkable degree, and awaken a sense of aliveness and playfulness in your body and bodily expression through myriad movement situations. 

Spontaneous Movement & Self-Expression

Through lying-down body work I will offer you a safe space where without judgment or expectations you will learn to release tension and deepen your experience of your body by developing a sense of trust in its sensations and spontaneous movements. Throughout these sessions you will also learn about experience-based expression.

Observational Practice

Observational practices are exercises and introspective tasks that you can practice throughout your day, at specific times or situations to get a better grasp of your conditioned beliefs, attention-fixations and physical responses to life’s problems, challenges and opportunities. 


The main practice is practice

Training can be done at any time during your day. Practice is applied and refined throughout the day.
The aim is to apply this work in the midst of daily life.



“In his utterly honest and quiet way Olivier has made observations about me which have startled me in their clarity and insight and which have been gateways to learning and growth. Our work has been branching out to include more ways of exploring the body, mind, emotions and attention.” - Mark Steinberg, professional musician

“I like that it is not Olivier who tells me what to do. Yes he instruct, but the movements come from within and with it freedom. It is hard to explain in words. It is something that one must experience in one's own body.” - Thomas P. physiotherapist

“The goal of the collaboration with Olivier is not to become better, stronger or more flexible. Rather you are seeking more awareness within you.” - Simon Schmid, manager

“Olivier has introduced many new concepts to me, far beyond what the mainstream fitness community provides. Throughout the past couple of months, I’ve certainly given a lot of thought into training for longevity. I associate the gains I’ve made are more mental than physical.” - Simmy Tan, proud mom and graphic artist 

“I recommend anyone who wants to elevate their game no matter the sport or just someone who wants to enhance their life experience to work with Olivier. He is an extremely kind, nonjudgmental and charismatic teacher. If you are struggling with trying to keep up to the pace that this world moves, Olivier will teach you multiple techniques on how to slow down just a little bit.” - Codi Miller, professional basketball player

“Olivier, from the moment we met I have felt deep interest in who I am, my life experiences and the journey that brought me to my essence and personal mission. It was as if you already the knew the methods I use as an entrepreneurial coach for years, and actually you systematically implement them unconsciously. Movement is a means, not a goal.” - Jan Adins, entrepreneurial coach

"I feel like I've been bathing in my own breath. But I'm not doing it - I'm being bathed. Of all the therapies/healing modalities I've worked with, this process has had the most immediate and effective results in the quality of my daily life. " - Ananda, yoga teacher