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Inspire by Fighting Monkey with Bart Adins, Geneve (Switserland)

This workshop is intended to feed our acroyoga practice with the discovery and exploration of the Fighting Monkey's movement !

In this workshop you will be introduced to movement situations based on the ideas and principles behind Fighting Monkey Practice.

Unpredictable training situations serve as simulations that allow you to check how you are developing, especially in cooperation and communication with others.

  • How is your movement quality affected under a diversity of stressors?

  • How do you behave under different dynamics?

  • Can you de-construct the problem and see possibilities despite the constraints?

  • How is your creativity influenced by changes in your environment?

  • Do old memories deprive you of new learning?

  • What is your reaction when not everything goes as expected?

Everything is always changing and somehow we see that movement practice does not reflect or prepare us for a reality of constant change and unpredictability. How can we make our practice more in line with the complexity of daily life and challenges?

During this weekend we will present different movement games and tools, such as :

  • Movement games with partners and undefined tools that reflect the idea "as in games, as in life”

  • Whole-body coordination and collaboration of all joints

  • Complex coordinations that demand expansive motion of limbs that expose individual learning behaviour

  • Zero situations that serve as observational stillness practice

The workshop is recommended for movers, athletes, performers and everybody who is interested in human development.