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Reheat 180: Abstract Tools & Sculpting

Reheat 180: Creative Exploration with Abstract Tools & Sculpting is a 3 hour training event that serves as an introduction to the one of the six elements behind Fighting Monkey Practice:

“abstract tools and sculpting”

Tools used in training of FM are by design and form abstract. Abstract meaning that what can be done with them is less defined than the tools we have accustomed ourselves to. Stripped away from application, we are left to our own experiences and imagination.

Connected with abstract and unknown environments, a potential sign of health could be said is in having the energetical or cognitive reserve to explore what can be done, to not always feel the need to be completely informed before deciding to start an endeavour as there is a trust that there is something to found within the experience.

“What if… “ “Imagine if…” all kids are born with the eyes of the explorer, less adults dare to go there.

How can we keep this alive? Or, “what kind of games do you play to stay young?”

Fighting Monkey Intensive 1, 2016 Athens. Video by Mike Rafail.

The invisible and the potential within the tools is that makes them a valuable object to play and train with as what can be thought up and done with them is less pre-defined as with more common training tools and objects. 

In this event you will:

  • experience irregular movement situations with FM tools such as Dragon Pearl and Practice Ball

  • creative tasks and sculpting with clay

  • participate in thought experiments and group discussion

  • Zero Forms practice as feedback to observe “what have I done?”



€27 for those who have follow personal sessions with me or follow “The Process”

Please bring a notebook, pencil and an extra pair of clothes that are not your best and can get dirty.

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