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Reheat Weekend in Bois-Le-Comte

  • La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte (map)

Reheat is a weekend where we meet in a small group to explore physical and observational practices.

Phones and other technology are shut off so we allow ourselves to not be distracted nor entertained.

What we will do

From morning to evening you will experience a diversity of practices and training environments, such as:

  • Form of “boredom”: by exploring day after day the most basic and known, we open ourselves to discovering the new - if we are not sleeping

  • Movement situations individually, with a partner or abstract tool as a metaphor to unveiling learning processes and communication with other being, expanding our body and consciousness

  • Physical and psychological coordinative tasks to get on the road of mapping the landscape of who and what you are, what and how you want to express

  • Observational practices: using stillness and change of rhythm to see beyond and within

  • Thought experiments: what do we take for granted and therefore do not perceive?

  • Group reflection and discussion: together we explore the whole day, finishing with "what we have done?" and what have you experienced?

We do not meet to become skilled at something in particular, but are meeting to explore, to do a temporary collaborative research together through the means movement, reflection, communication and observation. 

We do not retreat from our life, we just agree on it that life can miss us for some days to allow us to meet and explore what and who we are becoming in ourselves and in relation to others. We "re-heat", in order to really be there when we return.

Guest Teacher Mairtin McNamara

25073316_2013332628682954_2779338188652514542_o (2).jpg

Mairtin is my weekly training partner for a couple of years now and has taught at most of the Reheats I’ve organized. He is an Embodied Facilitator and has practiced martial arts for over two decennia. During this Reheat Mairtin will share two elements out of his practice and research. 

1./ Centring

Do you wish you could perform better under pressure? 

Get less overwhelmed by your emotions? 

Find more ease and flow for yourself instead of freezing? 

During the reheat,  i will offer some body-mind principles that i think are fundamental to answering these questions. And most importantly we will test them out to verify that they affect how we can be when stressed. Have a think about where you would like more strength and flow in your life and we can look at that specifically. 

2./ Finding the answer

Have you felt like you are stuck and unsure about what you want to say or do?

How you want to be?

What the next big step is for you?

This is a new idea that i am developing and i would love your help in investigating how to use it. The exercise looks at using the body as a metaphor for finding what is hidden from us, and through dialogue giving that form that can lead us on our way. 


Jelle, a past participant of multiple reheats, wrote this to describe his experience:

"The way I see it, is dat movement practice en body & mind work en growth voor ons als mens ook geconnecteerd is met de context waarin we bewegen. De mens is van nature tribal, en het aspect van die kleine dingen zoals samen eten, leven, slapen, activiteiten delen en ideeën bediscussiëren is een enorm belangrijke en versterkende laag bovenop de practices op zich. Of op zijn minst een belangrijk element dat alles nog vérder uitdiept.

The tribe helps you rediscover yourself." 

Click here to see a photo album of one of the past events.


Date and location upcoming weekend:
November 16-18, 2018
Arrival at 6PM Friday, departure at 5PM Sunday.

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte
Bois-le-Comte 1
6823 Villers-devant-Orval

In GPS enter 'rue des Routis Bas'.


The price includes 3 meals per day, starting with a meal on Friday evening for those who arrive on time. 

  • €450

  • €300 for members of EA training facility

  • 10% off for those who have participated in 3 or more Reheats

These are prices for a shared room with 3-4.
Additional cost for a solo room: €30 per person. 
Additional cost for invoice: €18.

Cancellation policy: 50% 1-2 month, no refund >1 month before the event.

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