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450' Reheat

  • The Facility 11 Griffinstraat Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, 2170 Belgium (map)

450' Reheat is a one day event based on the structure we use at our weekend Reheats.

We meet from morning to evening, 450 minutes, to practice situations in movement and stillness through which we try to discover together the principle qualities of our physiology and its interconnection with our thinking, emotion and memory.

The unpredictable training environment will serve as a simulation that allow you to check how you are developing, especially in cooperation and communication with others.

We have a meeting to look behind and explore the not-so-obvious elements that are often overlooked in contemporary movement culture.

450' Reheat Structure

We initiate the day with a morning practice of rhythmically opening and preparing the body and observing our internal state physically and mentally before we start our training.

Afterwards we will experience movement situations that test and develop behavioural flexibility. Through self-observation we discover how we cope with different contexts, tasks and stressors.

During this weekend we will present different movement situations and tools developed by Fighting Monkey Practice, such as:

  • Movement games with partners and undefined tools that reflect the idea "as in games, as in life”

  • Lengthening, strengthening, sensitivity with wooden Dragon Pearls

  • Whole-body interconnection: how well do our joints communicate within our individual proportion

  • Complex coordinations that demand expansive motion of limbs that expose individual learning behaviour

  • Zero situations that serve as observational stillness practice

Further, my weekly training partner Mairtin McNamara will present his favourite, important topic "centring" that will stay with you for the rest of your life and will share with you how to change state with the use of a very simple behavioural model.

Last but not least, on this event, we welcome guest teacher Sebastian Weigel (Berlin) who will present "Wrestle To Heal" and will ask us to research through a variety of challenges and collaborative obstacles what we experience when we change the intention behind jiu jitsu practice. How can we train the purpose and the qualities we want to develop in our life through the discipline of body to body practice.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 16.26.47.png

In Sebastian's words:

"In 'Wrestle to Heal' we will examine the healing powers of touch from a more "Yang" perspective. All children wrestle. It doesn't matter if they have been tought or not, if they got forbidden to or not, boys and girls all find joy in this natural practise. We will reconnect with our inner child through various non technical, task oriented movement scenarios based on grappling situations from Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. By changing the intention - away from the martial aspect we will research how a playful wrestling practice:

• serves our human need for touch
• provides emotional nourishment in a world of sterile physical practices
• develops qualities that serve us in the bigger picture of our life"

And... if time allows we will explore clay as a potent training and creative tool to discover how our imaginative and physiological development translates to manipulation and sculpting of different texture and structures. If not we will stay with manipulating bodies.


Sign-up before May 1: €108 (€81 for members of EA Facility)
After May 1: €126

With invoice: +€18


"The Facility"
Griffinstraat 11, 
2170 Merksem

Guest Teachers

Mairtin McNamara qualified as an embodied facilitator from Integration Training in Britain. The course is centred on how we are, how does our posture and movement affect our mind, how do we do pleasure, stress, creativity in the body. And how it is possible to quickly change to make one more creative, resilient, caring, etc. For the last few years, he has been teaching resilience on the weekend "Reheats" I organise in the Ardennes.

Sebastian Weigel has a passionate curiosity for human development on physical and psychological levels. His expertise is based on two decades of research and first hand experience as a dancer, acrobat and martial artist. EMBODIED EDUCATION is his holistic movement practice at the intersection of pre- & rehabilitation, athletic development and self cultivation. He uses movement as medium and metaphor to improve your quality of life. EMBODIED EDUCATION reconnects the dots between somatic, emotional, intellectual and social aspects and lays foundation to broad physicality, joy and health.


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