The Time of the Assassins: a Study of Rimbaud, Henry Miller

Whatever man suffers as an individual all men suffer as members of a society.

"Who dies not before he dies is ruined when he dies." - Jacob Boehme

We see Rimbaud victimized by the illusion that freedom can be obtained by external means.

The law of the universe dictates that peace and harmony can only be won by inner struggle. The little man does not want to pay the price for that kind of peace and harmony; he wants it ready-made, like suit of manufactured clothes.

Freedom is bound up with differentiation. Salvation here means only the preservation of one's unique identity in a world tending to make every one and every thing alike. This is the root of the fear. Rimbaud stressed the fact that he wanted liberty in salvation. But ONE IS SAVED ONLY BY SURRENDERING THIS ILLUSORY FREEDOM. The liberty he demanded was freedom for his ego to assert itself unrestrained. That is not freedom. Under this illusion one can, if one lives long enough, play out every facet of one's being, and still find cause to complain, ground to rebel. It is a kind of liberty which grants one the right to object, to secede if necessary. It does not take into account other people's differences, only one's own. It will never aid one to find one's link, one's communion, with all mankind. One remains forever separate, forever isolate.

All this has but one meaning for me - that one is still bound to the mother. All one's rebellion was but dust in the eye, the frantic attempt to conceal this bondage.

And for the rebel above all men it is necessary to know love, to GIVE IT even more than to RECEIVE IT, and to BE IT even more than to GIVE IT.



He cannot live with his ideals unless these ideals are shared, but how can he communicate his ideas and ideals if he does not speak the same language as his fellow man.

Every one has his troubles, whether he is a genius or not. Yes, that is true too. And nobody appreciates that truth (appreciate = understand = knowledge + being) more than the man of genius.

The brotherhood of man man consists not in thinking alike, nor in acting alike, but in aspiring to praise creation. The song of creation springs from the ruins of earthly endeavor.

What we want are victims of life to keep us company in our misery. We know each other so well, too well; we disgust one another. But we continue to observe the conventional politeness of worms. We try to do it even when we are exterminating one another...

What we create with hand and tongue is nothing; it is what we create with our lives that counts. It is only when we make ourselves a part of creation that we begin to live.

The strength of the rebel, who is the Evil One, lies in his inflexibility, but TRUE STRENGTH lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.

An artist earns the right to call himself a creator only when he admits to himself that he is but an instrument.

No one has better illustrated than Rimbaud, that the freedom of the isolated individual is a mirage. Only the emancipated individual knows freedom. This freedom is earned. It is a gradual liberation, a slow and laborious fight in which the chimeras are exorcised. The chimeras are never slain, for phantoms are only as real as the fears which call them forth. To know oneself, is to rid oneself of the demons which possess one.

Human Actor/Being vs Human Doing/Re-Actor:

He is not longer an actor but an agent, or a re-agent.