The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky

From that moment on, I began to work on myself: to affirm the conviction that the world desires

my existence. This world includes all of humanity, past, present, and future. My father and mother

identified themselves with their acquired personalities, their families, and social and cultural

influences. Their insane ideas (inherited from their parents and ancestors) gave rise to negative

emotions, unhealthy desires, and false needs.

“The wisdom of the master depends on your own capacity to use it

to find yourself.”

freeing ourselves from identification with our thoughts—the firefly, like the awakened human being, arrives at the border where concepts dissolve in the infinite void before it drinks and communes with the world, accepting the unending change of everything that was thought to be fixed and permanent, making a gesture of reverence in gratitude for its ephemeral life.”

“Over the years, countless fears have condensed under your skin in the form of tiny grains: the

fear of dying, of seeing loved ones die, of losing your identity, your territory, work, health. . . . Also,

the auras of the six subtle bodies have been inhibited in their expression, which makes them fold in on themselves, forming an invisible armor attached to the skin, preventing us from union with the true world—not the world we think of, but the one that thinks us. This armor encloses you and separates you from others, from the planet, and from the cosmos. It makes you live in the darkness of hell instead of the light of the soul, which is union. You will come to realize that the human soul is immense..."

Realize how you treat yourself: like a machine or a donkey to be punished. We allow our

body to see, hear, feel, and savor things—but its touch stirs up unwholesome associations. Even when

we are naked, we are wearing gloves. Civilization has turned our hands into tools, weapons, fingers

made to push buttons. Like clever animals, we serve words, but our words serve only concepts. They

have ceased to communicate soul. My son, you do not have two hands; you have two guilt-ridden pairs of pliers. Whenever you touch, you steal. You must relearn to feel your hands. Let me see you open them . . . spread out your fingers, stretch out your palms fully. You see? You can’t do it completely. You have trouble letting go of what you think is yours. You are lugging around an invisible corpse: your security, your fears of possessing nothing, of losing what you think is necessary. You content yourself with a handful of coins, not realizing that all the money on the planet belongs to you."

“Do you now understand the power that you can transmit? If you can get rid of those mental

gloves, your hands will radiate a golden aura.”

I shall conquer your willfulness. You do not yet want to let go of the rage

of your painful memories. They accumulate in your muscles in the form of contractions and these give

you the sensation of existing. If you let go of them, allowing your demand to be loved to disappear

along with your fears of abandonment and your bitterness, you will feel yourself disappearing. My sad

child, you believe that your suffering is who you are.

“Now be aware of the real sensation of your muscles. Stop seeing them through a mental image

of yourself. Every time you catch yourself returning to your mind, return instead to your body

sensations. You are not a character in a movie. If you flee the body to take refuge as an mental

observer, the mind immediately becomes a dungeon. Come now . . . come in further . . . more than

that! Come into your flesh and stay there to learn humility. You understand? Until now, you thought

that humility meant lowering your values, hiding them behind a mask of submission. You must realize that you have been walking through the world without seeing it directly, distracted by what you believed was worthy or unworthy. My child, humility means ceasing to defend your beliefs and prove to others that you have a right to be alive. Let it all go; you have no need to prove anything! Go into your body, uncover it once and for all, relinquish your doubts and defenses, surrender yourself—even if vultures devour your entrails, even if you rot, even if you turn to ashes, let go; every one of your muscles is like a closed box, and I’m going to open them.”

“You are so used to living like a victim that the happiness you are now receiving makes you cry.

You must finish once and for all with this orphan’s suffering."

“The moment you open your mouth to speak ‘the truth,’ you betray yourself.”

"To follow after the Buddha slavishly was no better than rolling in dog shit. As long as I seek the light outside myself, the world will never be at peace. I observed my body invaded by nervousness, I saw my insatiable appetite for knowledge, my desire to plunder the secrets of all the masters instead of realizing myself, instead of repairing the self-esteem that my father, like a competitive child, had destroyed with his sarcasm."

—“Nothing for myself

that is not also for others.” To find yourself is to give yourself to the world, body and soul. To be an

integral part of the world, let things happen naturally, without useless effort, surrendering confidently to the present. In accepting Ejo Takata as my teacher, I had moved from me to you. Yet because I still saw others as them, I had rejected the we.

I was repeating constantly the same mistake: setting up a mental border between

“inside” (my conception of myself) and “outside” (the world that is not myself). I was living as a

subject confronted by an object. Even in saying that the entire earth is a remedy, I was still subtly

trying to use an external object to heal my individual self, not realizing that this very separation of

myself from the world is its sickness. “The world is my life and essential being. Inasmuch as I do not

dissolve this border, I am dead.”

When your mind formulates a wish with true passion, it appears before you in the mirror we call reality.

The only true couple is not a symbiosis, but a collaboration between two free, conscious beings.

You have been searching for a static awakening, whereas there is only continual change . .

Free yourself from all conceptual chains

Zen must adapt itself to each country according to the customs of its people.

“I never surrendered, because the more you struggle, the more possibilities you have of winning

and receiving help. It has always been in the last minutes, when everything seemed lost that

someone came to help me go beyond my limits.”

real madness is to refuse to believe

in miracles.”