The Devil At Large: Erica Jong on Henry Miller

"Most people are not free. Freedom, in fact, frightens them. They follow patterns set for them by their parents, enforced by society, by their fears of 'they say' and 'what will they think?' and a constant inner dialogue that weighs duty against desire and pronounces duty the winner."

"First we must see the problem inside ourselves; then we must see it in society; then we must fight to change it."

"Honesty is the beginning of all transformation."

"In 5 minutes some men have lived out the span of an ordinary man's life. Some men use up numbers of lives in the course of their stay on earth."

"The struggle of the human being to emancipate himself, that is, to liberate himself from the prison of his own making, that is for me the supreme subject."

"Fling yourself in the flow. Don't be afraid. The whole logic of the universe is contained in daring. I had to throw myself into the current, knowing that I would probably sink. The great majority of artists are throwing themselves in with life preservers around their necks! And more often than not it is the life preserver that sinks them."

"Fear is a sign - usually a sign that I'm doing something RIGHT."

"I lost myself so I could find myself."