Taoist Mysteries and Magic, John Blofeld

Self-cultivation is needed before one can benefit the world, and self-realization must come before one can claim to know or teach truth.

Activity in itself is not harmful, but it must be just an instinctive response to immediate needs.

Be as the nameless Uncarved Block, that freedom from desire may follow.

Paths are made by the shoes that walk them; they are by no means shoes in themselves. (Zhuang Zhi)

To know and not be knowing is best. To be ignorant but think one knows is a disaster. Knowing one's faults is the means to faultlessness.

Adaptable as melting ice, conduct as simple as uncarved wood, mind receptive as hollow valleys, as murky as muddied water.

Wei-wu-wei: not doing by not doing but acting in a manner that entails the least involvement and proceeds from inner stillness of the heart.

The disease of categories cured by the recognition that the bulk of our distress stems from labelling this or that desirable or loathsome.

Doing little but doing it decisively.

The Taoist way is to do one's own thing spontaneously but without a show of resentment towards those who differ.