Tales of Ordinary Madness, Charles Bukowski

"sometimes a man must fight so hard for life that he doesn't have time to live it."

"he had the ability to laugh at himself, which is sometimes a sign of greatness, or at least a sign that you have a chance to end up being something else besides a stuffed [literary] turd."

"to whom it may concern: please phone me for appointments when you want to see me. I will not answer unsolicited knocks upon the door. I need time to do my work. please understand that what keeps me alive will make me a better person toward and for you when we finally meet under easy and unstrained conditions."

"show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and 5 times out of 9 I'll show you an exceptional man."

"it was a poem about how HARD it was to EVER GET alone."

"I felt like crying but nothing came out. it was just a sort of sad sickness, sick sad, when you can't feel any worse. I think you know it. I think everybody knows it now and then. but I think I have known it pretty often, too often."