Stress without Distress, Hans Selye

Your principle aim should be not to avoid work but to find the kind of occupation which, for you, is play. The best way to avoid harmful stress is to select an environment which is in line with your innate preferences.

Each of us must carefully analyze himself and try to find the particular stress level at which he feels most comfortable.

Stress on one system helps to relax another.

It will require a full-scale effort to teach "play professions"- the arts, philosophy, crafts, science - to the public at large; there is no limit to how much man can work on the perfection of his own self.

To my mind, duty is a self-imposed code of conduct. Its main purpose is to stabilize our course of action in life by a given set of standards which we respect and which we think will be respected by others. We must be convinced that by following this code we shall earn not only the feeling of fulfillment but also, if possible, the goodwill of our neighbors. [...] Who is the neighbor toward whom I should acknowledge duties?