Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Da Xuan, Serge Augier

The main reason emotions linger on is because we are not in survival mode any more, so when an emotion arises it has time to develop and time to be commented on, which then leads to another emotion. This is endless.

It is not the muscles that give force; they are only the vector for tendons. The actual use of force comes from the tendons, which is why, in our tradition, we train them through twisting and turning in our motions.

What you don't need is the "one you claim to be."

Practice is only by yourself for yourself.

If you think you are over-training, remember this. You can never have too calm and available a mind, your breath can never be too extensive, and you can never have too much energy and too strong a body!

Use percussion on your body to thicken fascia and make it stronger.

We have lost our balance skills because for too long we have based our balance only on vision. Vision is actually 2/3 of what we base our balance on! But vision is the sense that is most linked to the mind and words - not to our ability to balance. In order to rediscover and develop the qualities of balancing based on feeling with a kinesthetic approach, you must cut yourself off from the visual space reference by closing your eyes during specific exercises. ~ one foot > to engage center lift one thigh horizontal to ground > same position with hands behind back

If your knees are straight, rather than slightly bent, this means you will be aligned with your heels and not with the center of your feet.

Focus on the sensation during training.

When you condense, you bring the sensation towards the center into the bone marrow.

We do not practice to add on to our condition, we practice to get rid of things that bother us.

After all the your practice and the accumulation of all your knowledge you want to go back to acting in a simple way. YOU UNDERSTAND THINGS AND YOU DO THEM. You do not have to go through the process of questioning and commenting on your actions.

The thing you learn with a long-term practice is that any motivation is always wrong. Good motivation for practice does not exist:

Practice should be practice because it is practice. It is the free aspect of practice that is the way you explore the real meaning of life.

By your example you attract people to the practice.

Five aspects of the practice to have a complete practice:

- The Wai Gong, related to the Yin, is the training related to the body.

– The Nei Gong, between body and spirit, is a more subtle way of moving the physical structure by the conscious feeling of the breath;

– The Nei Dan is the breathing practice, aiming at developing the three energy centres;

– Xin Yi Dao Yin Fa, between energy and mind, teaches awareness and sublimation of emotions;

– Shen Gong, the most Yang aspect is the training of the mind.

If you are in pain or injured in any way, when you inhale, you pick the painful spot, when you exhale, you dive into it.

If I don't have my own values, or never took time to set them up, they will have been established by the education I received, and I got with them and react accordingly. But if I take time to look at this, now as an adult and independent, a lot of the rules I have are not necessarily what I think today and I need to make the distinction.

The four levels of training (1/2 concerns me, 1/2 concerns the world):

I train to clarify the relationship I have with myself.

I train to look at myself in action.

I look at my values and what I have been brought up with.

I look at the way I interact with society.