Listen Little Man!, Wilhelm Reich

"You are free in only one respect: free from the self-criticism that might help you govern your own life."

"Your slave-driver is yourself."

"I'm afraid of you because your main aim in life is to escape - from yourself."

"No, you never ask yourself whether your thinking is right or wrong. You ask yourself what your neighbor will say about it, or whether, if you do right, it will cost you money."

"A great man doesn't forget. He doesn't plot revenge but TRIES TO UNDERSTAND WHY YOU BEHAVE SO MISERABLY."

"Forget about your neighbor and look inside yourself! Your neighbor, too, will be grateful."

"You're very quick to diagnose madness when truth doesn't suit you. You regard yourself as "normal"!"

"When I think of your children, when I think how you torment the life out of them trying to make them "normal" like yourself, I almost want to come back to you and do what I can to stop your crimes."

"Hope must spring from your own understanding. You pump hope only into yourself, never out of yourself. That, little man, is why, considering the utter rottenness of your own world, you call me an 'optimist.'"

“You'll have a good, secure life when being alive means more to you than security, love more than money, your freedom more than public or partisan opinion, when the mood of Beethoven's or Bach's music becomes the mood of your whole life, when your thinking is in harmony, and no longer in conflict, with your feelings, when you let yourself be guided by the thoughts of great sages and no longer by the crimes of great warriors, when you pay the men and women who teach your children better than the politicians; when truths inspire you and empty formulas repel you…”