Epi-Paleo Rx, Jack Kruse

Neolithic diseases are tied to the people who make our food and then treat us for the diseases they cause.

Poor thoughts begin with poor foods. If we eat nutrient-dense foods we can make superior neurochemicals in our brain that allow us to think like a genius.

Cholesterol is an essential component of cell membranes, it makes up 70% of the structure of the human brain and is the major building block for every steroid hormone the brain and body use.

Cholesterol is the dynamite and inflammation is the match.

Lipids don't cause heart disease. Inflammation does. And diet above all else controls the inflammation in our serum.

Without cholesterol humans cannot live.

The USDA diet is designed to do one thing only- make money for those who sell it to the rest of the world. Most people, including dieticians and nutritionists, don't realize industrial food giants subsidize their education.

The health of a grain-based diet is not supported by science but instead by dieticians educated by the corporate food giants, which are in turn backed by the government.

GENES DO NOT CONTROL US, THEY RESPOND TO WHAT WE DO. (same in movement,mechanotransduction => epigenetics)

Most skin diseases are surface manifestations of leaky gut.

In the early half of 20th century, physicians wrote DIETARY prescriptions for certain diseases. (my doctor never talked about nutrition ever)

Spend millions treating SYMPTOMS and few ask why? (look for the cause always)

DHEA is the major hormone found in the young healthy brain. The hormones that drop like a Led Zeppelin as we pass the age of 35 are pregnenolone, progresterone, and DHEA.

The liver is the brain's main protection from inflammation and environmental toxins.

Lowering your cholesterol makes zero sense from a biologic standpoint. Its formation is critical for our brain to manage the stress of many different cellular insults.

Leptin resistance prohibits the brain form understanding a situation in the liver or elsewhere in the body.

Life today is based on a constant need for cortisol due to our inflammatory diets, our unnatural exposure to light late into the night.

The studies of Nor Barzilai, MD on super centenarians at Albert Einstein Medical College. Studies on people over 100 year olds showed they were all found to harbor most of the bad genes we already know about. What was very interesting, however, was that the bad genes were turned off in these people. The ultimate arbiter of a long healthy life is the EXPRESSION OF OUR GENES - whether they are turned on or off. This is called the epigenetic expression of disease.

Anyone with psoriasis should check their vitamin D levels before anything else.

Optimal vitamin D levels reduce cellular aging.

Bone is a very active tissue that constantly turns over. We constantly lay down new bone in response to stressors and resorb bone from areas that are not stressed.

Japanese => K2 in form of natto. Use K2 instead of Calcium for osteoporosis.

Best source of K2 is pasteurized butter.

Cortisol should be highest and then gradually decline to be lowest at night.

Lowering your skin temp to 10-12 degrees is the sweet spot for fat loss and pain control.

Meditation + cold exposure. (Wim Hof)

Diabetes is protective in some cases. Frogs high blood glucose levels act as antifreeze.

Patients with acute or chronic leptin resistance are far more susceptible to pain.

If you are told every last detail your learning would be suboptimal.

Total transformation requires you to become aware of something you were not aware of before. This is how human brains learns best.

Vs technology: evolution is not based upon making life easier. It is based upon natural selection for survival of the fittest.

When you are cold-adapted in fall and winter and eat a paleolithic ketogenic diet that favors leptin sensitivity and low inflammation, you can avoid most modern disease. Optimal 4 to 1 omega 6/3 ratio for optimal cell membrane signaling in cold-adapted land mammals.

Smile at someone. Smile = lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head, and the heating system of the heart. Lower your cortisol as well.