Demanding the Impossible, Slavoj Zizek

I don't think there is any natural order. Natural orders are catastrophic.

Thinking is not solving problems. The first step in thinking is to ask these sort of questions: "is this really a problem?" "Is this the right way to formulate the problem?" "How did we arrive at this?" This is the ability we need in thinking. ~very stoic

There is no harmony to which we should or can return. For harmony, we have to DECIDE what we want and we have to struggle and fight for it.

The only way to the universal good is that we all become strangers to ourselves.

Whenever there is a crisis, people spontaneously look for some kind of lost balance. All this started with Confucius, whom I think of as the original form of idiot. What interested him was not metaphysical truths, but, rather, a harmonious social order within which individuals would lead happy and ethical lives.

When we refer to some higher common good, it is always, at least the way I see it, defined by our secret priorities.

We should decide what stability we want. And we don't have any guarantee of any natural balance or social harmony. In this respect, I am a pessimist.

Reform = changes within the existing order.

Revolution = basic rule of society changes.

Stability = stability of dynamic development.

We don't just need experts. We also need people who will think more radically to arrive at the real root of problems.

I think everyone should be allowed to criticize everyone else on the condition that we are also all prepared to be criticized ourselves.