Compass of Zen, Seung Sahn

Coming empty-handed, going empty-handed - that is human.

Try something, and only do it, then you can get everything.

The 5 human desires: material wealth, sex, fame, food, sleep.

Right livelihood: everyone has 2 jobs

1. Inside work: keeping clear mind

2. Outside work: cutting off selfish desires and helping others

Right effort:

Only try, try, try, try, for ten thousand years, nonstop. Only do it. That is all.

Finding quiet in quiet is not true quiet. Finding quiet in noisy is true quiet.

Simply ask yourself very deeply: "What am I?" What appears is only "Don't know..."

When you practice with a wanting mind, your practice is already going in the wrong direction.

Love + wisdom = compassion.

True Zen means mind-sitting, not body-sitting. It means keeping a not-moving mind, always and everywhere. This is not dependent on any particular posture.

Don't make Zen special. By making Zen special in any way, you create many hindrances in your mind.

Most important thing of the practice: they simply looked inside, very deeply inside, to find their true nature.

When we completely DO something, there is no life no death.

Your mind makes everything.

Don't MAKE difficult or easy. Don't make anything: when you are doing something, just do it. That is Zen.

Only go straight, don't know.

"What is true emptiness?" he asked.

I just sat there and didn't say a word.

A true teacher never lets his students become attached to the candy.

If you truly understand your mistake, it is no longer a mistake.

Intuitive action means acting without any desire or attachment.

From moment to moment, what are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Always keep a clear mind, and then when you are doing something, you just DO IT.

Originally there is nothing, so I cannot get anything.

When I was tired, I slept. When I was hungry, I ate.

Correct direction: using meditation spontaneously from moment to moment only to help other people.


"How do you clean your mind?"

If you have mind, you must clean it all the time. But if you have no mind then cleaning is not necessary.