The Time of the Assassins: a Study of Rimbaud, Henry Miller

Freedom is bound up with differentiation. Salvation here means only the preservation of one's unique identity in a world tending to make every one and every thing alike. This is the root of the fear. Rimbaud stressed the fact that he wanted liberty in salvation. But ONE IS SAVED ONLY BY SURRENDERING THIS ILLUSORY FREEDOM. The liberty he demanded was freedom for his ego to assert itself unrestrained. That is not freedom. Under this illusion one can, if one lives long enough, play out every facet of one's being, and still find cause to complain, ground to rebel. It is a kind of liberty which grants one the right to object, to secede if necessary. It does not take into account other people's differences, only one's own. It will never aid one to find one's link, one's communion, with all mankind. One remains forever separate, forever isolate.

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Simple Work Ideas, Maurice Nicoll

Man is compared to a "House In Disorder": The Master is away, and the servants are doing what they like. When the telephone rings, they speak and pretend that they are the Master, and make all sorts of promises and orders under his pretense. Some of these servants feel that there is a better state possible. They see clearly what is going on, and band together with the intention of putting order in the house, in the hope that this will attract the return of the Master.

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Mind and Tissue, Ray Peat

IQ tests are not widely used in Soviet Union, since IQ is believed to reflect the level of social opportunity.

The Soviet concept of ORIENTING/EXPLORATORY REFLECT is the number one most important single holistic "informing principle" in biology and psychology.

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Original Wisdom, Robert Wolff

Westerners are so used to thinking of training, learning, and teaching as verbal activities that we forget that much, perhaps most, learning happens without verbal instruction.

Deep inside I always knew, but so much that I learned smothered that knowing.

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The Earth Has a Soul, Carl Jung

Nature is an incomparable guide if you know how to follow her. She is like the needle of the compass pointing to the North, which is most useful when you have a good man-made ship and when you know how to navigate. That's about the position. If you the river, you surely come to the sea finally. But if you take it literally you soon get stuck in an impassable gorge and you complain of being misguided. The unconscious is useless without the human mind. It always seeks its collective purposes and never your individual destiny. Your destiny is the result of the collaboration between the conscious and the unconscious.

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Denken met het Hart, Hildegund Fischle-Carl

Wie wijs is, is nooit een allesweter. Veeleer geeft hij een voorbeeld van het belang in de spanning van het onopgeloste, in de ontmoeting met het irrationele te kunnen leven. Hoe groter onze angst is, des te perfecter en dwangmatiger moet ons denksysteem zijn om te kunnen bestaan. DENKEN IS TERMINOLOGISCHE WERELDVERBETERING EN TEGELIJK ZELFBESCHERMING.

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