You are an artist, right?

One day while teaching a group of young kids, I noticed that once again, one of them was not paying his attention to me.
He was paying his attention to something else to be found somewhere on the ceiling of the space we were all in.
Something that could apparently only be perceived from a certain exact angle with the head slightly tilted to the right.
I went to him about to tell him, with my angry authority voice that I had specially created for these circumstances, that he should be paying his attention to me, not the ceiling because - as my reasoning and own youth told me - I AM THE TEACHER and the ceiling has nothing to teach.
I decided the second before telling him, that
no! I will not do it!
Maybe he is realizing the most spectacular thing and I’ll rob it off him.
I asked “you are an artist right?”
The kid said “what do you mean?”
I said “it’s difficult for you to pay attention in school right?”
He said “yes, it’s a problem, how do you know?”
I said “no, it’s not a problem, it’s because you are an artist.”
The kid said “what do you mean?”
I said “you just have a tendency to notice things others don’t always notice.”
The kid said “so?”
I said “so you are an artist.”
The kid looked at me a bit confused with a one-sided smile and eyes full of potential adventures.
We finished the session with the group lying down on the floor looking at the ceiling.