Note from the Underground of the Tenth Fighting Monkey Intensive

I want you to understand that this is not a fan boy text, it is not a sales talk, nor will it have a “call-to-action” at the bottom recommended by the marketeers, it might repulse you. This is supposed to read more like a Note from The Underground of my experience with Fighting Monkey Practice running for close to 5 years.

FM Book presented in Denmark. Picture by Mike Rafail.

FM Book presented in Denmark. Picture by Mike Rafail.

I have both enjoyed very very very much and hated absolutely this Fighting Monkey practice in the past. It is and is not supposed to be a nice session, or great workout, is and is not even a “movement practice” - it can be all and many do join for it and leave again for such reasons as happens everywhere in yoga, fitness, this meditation technique to the other, this method over that, and und so fort. I have been there too and it seems to be that there is this pathetic, though quite natural and universal maybe, loop happening on a bit of wider scale.

Please give me another pill, but different than last time because it does not entertain anymore and stopped working for me…

The overarching thing that I feel a craving to write about is that this Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea, who are sharing this FM Practice, is that they do have understood something very clearly about being a human being - or rather the habit of being a human being… the drama it can become if you don’t die at some point to that inner voice-over / outer definer you have grown to meet and resist life with, the physical capsule you have allowed yourself to adapt towards, the same sentences, same responses, same strategies, same ideas, same schedule, same days of living life locked into an iCalender, same same same same!

FM in my experiences feels like a joint performance art that in collaborative effort through temporary meetings perforates what your habit of being human is… opening a doorway towards a〔???〕where less and less of your conceptualising of this and that and attaching to this and that hasn’t much solid ground to fall on anymore - it’s all getting perforated - and finally you can be there, or you’re injured for a little while - both great. 
A nice workout! Funky Monkey, yeah!

The easier thing to do at some point of course would be to turn towards Influential Mister “Big Man” or Miss “Big Woman” who will teach you! “Hey I know the way. Just sit back, relax and follow me.” These ones are all around with methods and programs to offer you and coach you the way they overcame their particular, often recent wound. Those who have not yet experienced the subtle difference should invest in getting a pair of eyes that see through this and find a retailer who owns a shop or is part of a franchise that still makes them. They probably aren’t the influentials you would imagine them to be and I’ve found them as close as a five minutes bike ride from my home just waiting to be found.

So of course you don’t have to go to FM for that, it’s hidden all over the place. Though what I’ve come to observe is that the way it is presented, hidden or exposed is often again the same mystical, copied forms, out of context, in different context. There’s a laziness or incapacity in the presenter of the material, that only artists seem to be able to move past through their capacity of experiential understanding of symbolism, codifying and storytelling by their being both outsiders and secret-agent insiders of the times.


But still rather no… we hold on so hard that we get burned or bored out of our skulls from this attaching to that what we’d love so so much to be able to let go of in us and outside of us - and then on top of that we have the arrogance to look for passive ways to rid ourselves of our symptoms that make us look less pretty to those we are looking to impress and not even enjoy the company of. Look ugly! Ugly but you! Most of the inspiring people of the past seem to have had quite ugly faces in comparison to the six-packed, anti-ageing wrinkle cream promoting celebrities we so adore and wannabelike.

But… I’ve invested so much in this! Letting go of your sunken investments made in wrong stuff, seems to undo the burn but not the scar. The scar is great, it’s the best reminder. Now you don’t have to put that nice little painting or miniature statue that brings you back to the Zen story in your apartment, you don’t have to visit the sacred place, you have it on your face, you found it in your body - free to see in every Mirror you pass by.

This Fighting Monkey Practice maybe is not necessarily is any or all of that. I do admit that I’ve always had this tendency to dig too deep or in wrong places when I was at the beach digging with my shovel as a child, but I do feel this creative act encompasses a pure and well-intentioned potency to act like that perforator of a made-up or accepted reality - that Reality anyway seems to resist or punish you for clining - and leave the invisible Fight Clubian mark for you to carry to any place and time you find yourself in.

How to explain an invisible thing… I guess we’ve always tried and every time needs his attempts. Just don’t demand any teaching, or program, or language you can understand before you Return yourself, as it is all hidden quite clearly, beautifully, horribly in between the lines of coordinations, movement situations, in still moments of meeting “the ugly mirror” - only for this one it is you who has to do it all yourself.