The Room

Here I am. I am sitting on my chair, alone in my room.

I have ideas about myself, about other human beings, about the workings of the world, the cosmos even.

I see myself having these ideas. I see my capacity for thinking, for feeling, for sensing - so it must be true that what it is that I am, is here. I notice myself ordering and theorising about this whole, fine mess of an existence I find myself in - in my room.

A decision that has been made itself seems to be forming itself. This decision is pulling me backwards and inwards towards a deep-seated resting point within my uniqueverse of inner material.

Ah, I remember again! The decision is based on a reminder I strengthened in myself over my present years: the decision to change rooms. When I step foot on the realisation that I become too solidly certain, when I see my imagining convincing me that I have gotten the full grasp on something… the time has arrived again for me to stand up from my chair and go to The Room. 

Every time I become Too Clever (T.C.) I go to The Room.

When entering The Room, seventy-one people are there. These people were meticulously selected by expert Ists. After a worldwide search and selection process these Ists unanimously agreed on the highest mathematically possible within-group diversity (n=71) of this group’s personality types, cultural background, life experiences, age, gender, philosophy of life, political views, educational background, exposure to technology, and numerous other parameters.

I hired them, but they do not know they’re being paid by me, nor that I live and work in the room next doors - or else they might not be their dohaviors like them selves.


In The Room interactions with all seventy-one are organised through random choice of temporary partnerships, set in motion by a group of seven different monitors - a group again compiled based on a maximal rate of within-group (n=7) diversity while at the same time possessing a Superior Knowledge (S.K) of the human condition and tendencies (HC&T). Though despite their level of S.K. of HC&T they are still prone to fall into their own early-imprinted traps, therefore seven monitors were chosen instead of one. After all they are still humans.

But, I fall into a loop of verbosity peculiar to my doings, I digress…

The monitors will select a variety of meetings and tasks between the group (n=71+me). These meetings will trigger their physical tendencies, and at the same time their emotional whirlations and thought triangles, squares, rectangles, parallelograms - and other geometrical shapes human thinking seems to semi-permanently produce.

These between-partner and within-group interactions take on as long as they have to, depending on the judgement of The Monitor, monitoring through his Super Observational capacity (S.O.) at the same time the seven monitors and monitoring the mirroring escalations between n=71+me. 

The Monitor too is being monitored, by an internal crystallisation of his precursor in his own being that serves him as a Superior Conscience (S.C.) at moments of early imprint flare-ups in times of higher distres, or when he has been drinking too much of the fluid called beer - a pattern still resisting transformation within him through strong epi-genetical activation during the vulnerable period of his phase of mandatory down-bringing.

When the decision is made that the necessary moment has arrived to stop the current meeting, which can range from seconds to multiple weeks, I return to my room.

I sit down on my chair. Here I am again, alone in my room.

Again, I have ideas about myself, about other humans, about the workings of the world, even the cosmos.

I see myself having these ideas. I see my thinking, experience my feeling and sensing. I notice myself ordering and theorising about this whole, fine mess I find myself in.

Now I postpone all of this, and I realise there should be formed Rooms like This Room in all continents to where my being could be projected to at an instant. And added to that The Rooms should not be in a room. That thing around it, surrounding the room, that we have named Andvironment cannot be left out, what a narrow-visioned idiot I was!

I’ll have to hire another consultant.

Jean-Michelle, do we have someone for…?