Waves of the ocean, extremities of my body

The waves crashing at the extremes of the big pond of water as the expression of the core of the whole. The outside, exterior appearance an expression of the inner going-ons, together forming the whole without form.

Wholeness coming from the dynamics of the thing, the constant changing with and of the all. Seeing the whole in the form of the one, and from the one understanding the whole. The one in transit, in flux, streaming, flowing as it always will: communicating in this way the laws the whole entails. Universally see-able, deep attention making it noticeable, observable and obvious at each and every moment.

Playa Transito, Nicaragua

Each that is part of this whole, a product of its functioning by the same laws as each and every other thing in it and of it. Man is as nature, is of nature, is nature and nature is in man.

What do the waves tell me? I am the whole pond in myself, what are my waves wanting to crash to the extremities of my body?    

Written in Nicaragua, Playa Transito, 2017