Every day i make a fool of my self

The Fool by Cecil Collins

The Fool by Cecil Collins

Today, from the moment i woke up,
(until the moment)
i went to sleep
i made a fool of my self.

As soon as i
present myself,
i make a fool of my self.

Every where i go
i forget my self
and make a fool of
my self.

Some times however
i find my self,
the fool exposed -
the ornamented installation
enclosing my self.

I have met many fools
that i made myself,
often they have tried
to convince me that
are my self.

What a fool am i
to have believed these fools
so often

to believe that i
could create
my self

while my self
could be
the only created,
that I
can be:
my self.

I have to
shake hands
with all those fools
i’ve made my self,
and thank those fools

for being the mirrors
through which
i will always be able to
my self.

Every time
i see that
- again -
i make one of those
fools my self,
I find my self,
I create an opening
to my self.