Tension, what do you want from me?

Sitting here with my book in hand I notice a slight tension in my shoulder. I see that I’m holding my elbow up a bit so I relax it. Still my shoulder seems a bit too tense just to be holding a book. I focus more of my attention on it realising that gravity wants my shoulder to drop down and rest on my ribcage. Still something resists.

As my attention grows within this tension, the resistance manifests itself as subtle, almost unperceivable, multi-directional activity of micro-motions.

I ask myself: what does this tension demand of me? What does it ask that I am not giving it? Or opposite, what did I ask of this tension before I became aware of it?

It would almost appear as if this tension wants to communicate something, similar to two people who in an argument try to convince one another of the validity of their point of view.

Would it be enough to give it my full attention, to direct all my capacities on listening to this tension? Or does it need something else?

Tension, what do you want from me?